Enel – Raport de Sustenabilitate pe 2011

“In 2011 the global panorama was characterized by a persistent phase of economic and financial uncertainty which meant limited growth in developed economies, including those in Western Europe, and rather more vigorous growth in the emerging economies of Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. The energy sector itself was affected by some significant events which contributed to a profound change in its prospects. Among these, the tsunami which struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant – following the earthquake which devastated Japan – seems to have slowed down the development of this technology worldwide. Following this event and the consequent debate on the safety of nuclear power plants, some European countries decided to review their own energy policies. For example, in Italy the referendum of June 2011 marked the country’s, and Enel’s, withdrawal from its nuclear energy development program” – Fulvio Conti – Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Enel.

Enel Sustainability Report 2011

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